Friday, April 10, 2009


With a name like Amadeus, it has to be good, right?
This witbier/white beer/biere blanche from Les Brasseurs de Gayant in Douai, France is 4.5% abv. Brewed with spices with natural flavor added...hmm...what spices & flavors, I wonder?
I uncorked this 750ml bottle and poured it into my Duvel glass (although a thick-walled tumbler is preferred for this style). Monster tight-bubbled head that quickly disappears over a hazy straw yellow body.
The first sniff is overpowering. WOW...smells like candy! All kinds of fruit, something I can't place my finger on. Ah yes, duh...LEMONS. Wait, lemons? Seriously? It smells delicious.
I take the first gulp and recoil in surprise. It tastes like a slightly alcoholic lemonade/beer mixture. Kind of reminds me of a radler or a shandy or something. There might be a bit of coriander and orange peeking through. The swallow seems almost too easy, it's incredibly thin. The aftertaste is all watery, sugary lemon. It's the perfect beer for the 85° weather that's returned...extremely refreshing.
I can't help but think my wife would love this. People who barely like beer would go crazy for this. I feel like I should be gulping this by the gallon on the back porch.
Now if only I can get that Falco song out of my head...

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