Friday, July 31, 2009

Downtown Produce Craft Beer Fest

Last weekend we just happened to be going to our local beer supplier (I guess they have more than just beer), Downtown Produce. As we pulled in, we noticed the parking lot was overflowing.
"What the? Oh! There's a beer tasting going on today! Sweet!"

They had a pretty nice little setup with various brewery reps pouring samples at stations throughout the store.

I managed to try (some for the second time):

Orange Blossom Pilsner - A locally owned beer that's brewed by Thomas Creek in Greenville, SC. Tastes the way an orange blossom smells.

Dogfish Head Midas Touch - wacky stuff, saffron, grapes - supposedly from an ancient beer recipe.

Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron - truly strange. A brown ale that smells like sawdust and tastes like cedar. But in a good way.

Abita Satsuma Wit - Mmmm...fruity. Refreshing. Part of their seasonal harvest series.

Abita Amber - Pretty light and non-descript. Not offensive, but nothing to write home about.

Brooklyn Local #2 - A Belgian strong dark ale, very tasty.

Harpoon Summer - This is actually a kolsch, I believe. Seemed kind of flavorless next to the other selections.

Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils - Nothing too special. Standard pils, but without much hop bite.

Oskar Blues Old Chub - Great Scottish ale, with a hint of smokiness.

Sierra Nevada Porter - solid porter, very tasty.

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