Friday, May 22, 2009

Nøgne Ø Brown Ale

The Nøgne Ø brewery from Norway has been getting a lot of attention in the craft beer world lately. I kind of figured this would be one brewer I'd have to hunt down online or something, but Downtown Produce came through for me again! Turns out, I'd been passing by the mysterious and unassuming "Ø" bottles for some time without realizing it.

Nøgne Ø (pronounced something like "NIRG-nuh IR") means "naked island" from a Henrik Ibsen line, by the way.

I selected the Brown Ale, 4.5% abv.

It pours with a minimal head, high carbonation, and a sweet, toasty coffee smell. Mmmm...

The tast is all that and more, with amazing coffee, chocolate, and toastier than most brown flavors. It has a looooong roasted finish.

Truly amazing. This is one of my favorite styles, brewed in my favorite way. Love it.

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